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Zero-WasteSave up to -% in litter

Kiviks is

Economical filter bags
for a cleaner litter tray

I discover the video!

Kiviks is

Save time and
up to 30% on litter

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Kiviks is

Say goodbye to your litter scoop
with 6 layers of zero-waste bags

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Finally in tray!

Kiviks is praktikal, hygienik and economikal, with 6 zero-waste bags. Save up to 30% on litter and your cat’s tray stays squeaky clean. It’s purrfect!

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How it works

Kiviks is perfect for all types of litter trays and litterboxes. The practical handles and perforated bags make cleaning out the litter child’s play!

Install Kiviks

Unfold the layers of Kiviks filter bags at the bottom of the empty tray. Cover with clumping litter and fit the protective edge (or the top of the litterbox) and you’re ready to go!

Clean out the litter

When the tray is dirty, undo the top bag and let the clean litter fall through the holes. That’s it! You’ve cleaned the tray!

Change Kiviks

The last bag is not perforated so you can use it to lift and clear the litter to install your new Kiviks bags. And you’re all ready for another few days of peace!

What size do you need?

Kiviks comes in 3 sizes to fit all types of litter trays and litterboxes. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right size


For normal-sized trays Length 50cm x Width 38cm x Depth 12cm*

*Approximate measurements for information purposes only (+ or – 3cm)


For deep trays Length 52cm x Width 40cm x Depth 20cm*

*Approximate measurements for information purposes only (+ or – 3cm)


For extra-large trays Length 56cm x Width 42cm x Depth 25cm*

*Approximate measurements for information purposes only (+ or – 3cm)

Kiviks Videos

Check out our Kiviks videos starring our cute little kitty Kemi!

Feeling curious...

Check out our FAQ to find answers to your questions. If you want to ask anything else, feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

What should I do if my cat scratches a lot in the tray?

Kiviks bags are strong, flexible and elastic and can withstand most pawing and clawing. But if you cat scratches a lot, feel free to add extra litter into the tray to protect the bags. The Kiviks filter system means that only dirty litter will be thrown away.

The Kiviks bags seem quite expensive.

Kiviks bags aren’t expensive because you’ll be saving on litter, meaning that you won’t have to change the tray and use cleaning products to wash it. If you reuse the litter from the last bag in your new Kiviks bag, as shown in the drawing below, you’ll save up to 30% on litter!

My tray is very big. Which size Kiviks bag should I choose?

Kiviks bags come in 3 sizes and fit all types of rectangular trays and some corner trays. The trays must have a protective edge or a litter box covering the whole tray area, in order to ensure access to the litter. If in doubt, check out our sizing table on this website.

Do Kiviks bags work with all types of litter?

Kiviks bags work with clumping litter because they filter your cat’s urine and poop for maximum hygiene. We recommend fine-grain litter so that it can flow easily through the holes.

How long do Kiviks bags last?

It’s down to you and how you use them. It will depend on whether you change them every day, every other day or once every three days. But one thing is for sure, you’ll save time and it will be much easier!

I care about the environment and I don’t like plastic bags.

Don’t worry, Kiviks bags are zero-waste and recyclable. What’s more, Kiviks helps you save on litter, so that you generate significantly less waste each year.

I’m pregnant. Can I use Kiviks bags to clean my litter?

Kiviks minimises the risk of cat-borne infection because you don’t have any direct contact with the urine and poop in the litter tray. If you are at risk from toxoplasmosis, you must change the Kiviks bag every day because the parasite eggs develop within 48 hours. Above all, make sure you follow the advice of your doctor or vet.

Do I need to clean out my litter tray?

The bottom Kiviks bag doesn’t have any holes in it, so it protects your tray from the cat urine and poop. As well as the major litter savings, Kiviks means you don’t have to clean the tray!

Does Kiviks help stop the bad smells?

Kiviks bags prevent the strong ammoniac smell of urine from becoming incrusted in the tray. To ensure effective anti-odour action, we recommend using a litterbox with filters and ultra-absorbent clumping litter. Changing your Kiviks bags regularly will stop bad smells spreading and contributes to your cat’s well-being.

Is there any quality control on Kiviks?

Before its launch, Kiviks was tested by many cats in rural and urban environments. We collected feedback from their owners to improve the end product. Kiviks bags are also regularly lab-tested to optimise product quality.

Do I need to use a scoop to clean Kiviks?

No, say good bye to your scoop! With Kiviks, the clumped urine and poop is collected in the perforated bags. Your tray will be clean again in just a few seconds.

Who is Kemi?

Our cute little Kemi is in charge of product quality control! If Kemi says that Kiviks bags are clean, strong and effective, you can trust...

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I need your product now! I saw your invention on TV and loved it instantly. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages!


Quick, easy and practical – and it works. It’s been tried and tested by Croustille and Baloo, who generally hate litter bags… but these passed the test!


They save me money and protect the environment. I recommend them highly!

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